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Gia Moore Gifts Affiliate Program

Known as one of the world’s sexiest and most seductive lovers, Miss Gia Moore has unlocked the secrets of her success to be shared with ladies and gentlemen who live for sensuality. Miss Moore seeks to empower lovers who would like to promote the G fragrance because they believe that G has the ability to release earth-shattering ecstasy. The Gia Moore team is looking to work with affiliates who will:

  • Promote the brand appropriately, ethically and with enthusiasm
  • Adhere to the G philosophy and abide by suitable branding standards and G imagery on their websites

How the Gia Moore Gifts Affiliate Program Works

Members of the Gia Moore Gifts affiliate program have the potential to earn unlimited commission. When you refer a visitor to from a tracked link and they place an order, you earn a 20% commission. A 30-day cookie ensures that your commission is earned if the visitor purchases a G product within that time frame. The Gia Moore team handles all of the orders, payments and deliveries. It’s that simple!

Benefits of the Gia Moore Gifts Affiliate Program

  • Aggressive commission structure rarely seen in the professional entertainment industry
  • Establish a conventional income source
  • Claim a legitimate profession recognized by corporations, rental companies, employment agencies and accountants
  • Choose from a wide array of text links, banners and badges that will enhance your website
  • Be listed on the website as a G Affiliate that will optimize your website
  • Be listed on the G-Spot Blog soon to be released

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