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The Gia Moore Story

The Gia Moore Story

I immigrated here from South America many years ago as a young immigrant with a lot of hope dreaming of a new life in a new country… it was terrifying but exhilarating to strive for my dreams here in the United States. This is a place where dreams can truly come true. I am always thankful to God for this opportunity, even though i miss my roots and family coming here is the best thing that could have happened to me, ever!

I worked hard at any job I could find and I was always one of the hardest workers at every job I had and always strive to do my very best work.

In short I worked in many jobs you name it….

Then I thought I found my dream job working in the legal field. However, after a few years things I decided it was time for a change.

My modeling seemed to take off quickly and I started traveling the world for work.. Italy, Spain, England, Venice, the Netherlander, Israel and many other places.


All my life I have been interested in fragrances and often guided by various scents.

During my traveling I came to realize that the fragrances from different places are so unique and they can have such a great impact on how a person is perceived… and the attraction felt.

I think I first began to realize this while I was in Bath U.K., a city founded by the Romans to take advantage of the natural hot springs for their hot baths… hence the name.

  • City of Bath
  • Founded by the Romans as a thermal spa, Bath became an important centre of the wool industry in the Middle Ages. In the 18th century, under George III, it
  • developed into an elegant town with neoclassical Palladian buildings, which blend harmoniously with the Roman baths.

At the baths  they sold their unique and custom fragrances, and I had the opportunity to talk to them about the remarkable scents.

Then in Paris.. I walked through several small perfumeries and found some amazing fragrances that are small local brands yet seemed to be a a great part of the local culture and influenced by it.

Then the same was true in Italy, the way the people smelled seemed to be just as important to them as the way they looked.

I found this to be something missing here… and I wanted to bring it to this country.

So i started to investigate the industry and the art behind making a good fragrance. I learned about pheromones and fragrances and combined them to make a line of men’s and women’s scents that appeal to a broad group of people.

finally… info

Sexuality in a bottle, a morsel, a flame for centuries, lovers have gone to great lengths to enhance lovemaking by exciting the senses. Legendary beauty

Cleopatra was known for her magical sex appeal and use of powerful aphrodisiacs to seduce her lovers to the point of exhaustion. Senses are linked to areas

of the brain that channel emotions and feelings. When you associate a scent with an erotic emotion, a sexual response is stimulated.

I started this investigation 2 yrs. ago… and finally this year on July 24 i released the product on my birthday… it was a great party.

my whole concept was to help bring people together and to help them make and keep that little spark that makes things so very special. to create a better

love making experience This is for the VERY TYPE woman that wants to make love like a porn start… to let them selves go and find that real pasion in bed… and

embrace their sexuality so i find great inspiration in these adult industry stars who have embraced they sexuality and have helped so many others find it through works…

everyone can benifit by following their lead and embracing their own sexuality.

and my fragrances help everyone feel like a star.

Through these last 2 yrs I have had help from many frineds that I thank from the bottom of my heart..

As i moved through the process of creating gia moore gifts, i realized that it is impossible to do on my own, and i need to find the right people to help me… and thank god, i was lucky and was able to find some trully great help. They each had their own talents and skills and we were able to work well together to get these fragrances to market in record time.

Thank you to all of you as well.

The best is yet to come my advice to everyone is to follow your dreams work hard dont worry about what anyone else is doing it is your job to work to better each day no matter what you do, no matter you profession,

and the most important be thankful to god and to life.

I hope you enjoy our fragrances they were were created with love for better love.










Happy Holidays To All

With the holiday season starting I wanted to wish everyone the very best!!!!

I was born into a Catholic family and I love Jesus with all of my heart!!!

He was a great man and has been so important to me in my life.

I also, love and respect all religions especially Judaism and Buddhism.   I am a very spiritual person and I celebrate spirituality, no matter what the religion or specific book people follow.


For me I find connections to my spirituality through these three religions.  Judaism is where Christianity came from and they are so closely connected in beliefs and history, and the traditions and holidays in both are so beautiful I get so much out of the celebration of both.  Then there is Buddhism which teaches us to respect all living creatures and to find God in the cycle of life and in all of his creations from the smallest organism to the most complex (probably us or dolphins).  To see the wind blowing through the trees as part, the blades of grass blowing in the wind, the animals and the people all come together in the connected spirituality of the universe.

The best part of this season is sharing that spirituality with each other and of course how excited the children are to open their presents!


We hope that you have the very best holiday no matter how you celebrate it.


Love, Kisses, and




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Gia Moore Gifts Nominated for O-Award!


The nominees for the annual “O” Awards, presented by AVN Media Network, were announced at, and Gia Moore Gifts was among the select few!

Each year, the “O” Awards honors the best of the best in the world of pleasure products, and this year is no exception.

The winners of this year’s coveted “O” Awards will be announced at the ceremony on January 22, 2015, during the AVN Novelty Expoavn_nom_tall_low