G by Gia Moore

Sexuality in a bottle, a morsel, a flame for centuries, lovers have gone to great lengths to enhance lovemaking by exciting the senses. Legendary beauty Cleopatra was known for her magical sex appeal and use of powerful aphrodisiacs to seduce her lovers to the point of exhaustion. Senses are linked to areas of the brain that channel emotions and feelings. When you associate a scent with an erotic emotion, a sexual response is stimulated.

Just like her historical counterpart, Miss Gia Moore has infused years of sensual experience with an aromatic and arousing blend of rose, cardamom and cinnamon. Both eau de parfum for women and eau de cologne for men, exude an explosive sensation that transforms euphoria into an addictive sex drive. Maximize your sexual appetite with Miss Moore’s delicious love tools that will underscore an incredible experience with trancelike appeal.

The Collection

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